Key dimensions:5,000m2

Client:The Committee of the disaster prevention center istanbul

Inspired by ancient human settlement,called”lgloo”,a man-made snow house,build by ice brick to protect local people from freezing cold weather.Though simple,but it enlighten us with the idea of how human should deal with the extreme nature environment.By understanding more about the nature only we can protecting ourselves from the natural disaster.Without leaving negative impact to the earth.By using a group of igloo are linked by white tubes.They are served as circulation and exhibition gallery.There are all covered by an translucent white wire mesh.People can look through the mesh to see the beautiful garden around.During their visiting exhibition and in between their experiencing varies disasters experiment for experiential.Though the nature could horrify people.With unwanted disaster.We still should not forget the beauty of the Nature.Should we build this playful igloo garden to attract both kids and adults,to call more of the disasters and to let know how to deal with them.At the end,let’s not to forget to love and care about our little planet.