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Magnet point is designed basing on the concept of attraction and combination; it constantly describes a relationship of to see and to be seen.  Magnet point’s design concept intends to create a centre of attraction to combine Kaohsiung’s traditional maritime culture with today’s pop music culture, combining the eastern philosophy with western values and combining Taiwan’s local character with the global culture, in order to create a one of a kind marine themed art performance experience. 

Pop music and live concert have been one of the most important elements in the Twentieth-one century s pop art culture.  It has been the symbol of youth and creative energy.  With the development of internet and digital technology, pop music has gained unforeseeable popularity and presented unlimited chance for young people to present themselves with their creativity.  Especially in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, pop music is adored by the city and has been the birth place of many top performance stars in Taiwan.  Kaohsiung is the maritime capital of Taiwan.  Marine industry and harbor culture is the core of Kaohsiung’s tradition.  The port of Kaohsiung has been the economic and cultural symbol for the lively city for many years.  One of the most important challenges presents in this design proposal is to combine the creative energy in pop music with the geographical advantage of Kaohsiung port to create a exciting stage for the live performers and a brand new experience for the audience. 

Taking advantage of the unique geometry of the U-shaped shoreline, magnet point has transformed the whole site into a gigantic live performance centre.  By positioning the outdoor stage in the centre of attention, every other building has become a potential outlook space for the live performance.  The relationship of stage and auditorium is interchangeable.  Different building can create different combination to create a new kind of stage experience.  The combination of stage and auditorium are limitless.  The elevator stage in the large performance centre and the mobile auditoriums on the sea created an unforeseeable opportunity to create a marine themed performance.  The whole site are occupied by thirteen buildings, which included 1 large performance centre, 4 small theatres, 4 mobile theatres, 1 marine culture centre, 2 pop music industry centre and 1 pop music exhibition centre.  The concept of magnet point demonstrated the rule of attraction between the performance and the audience.  The overall urban planning of the site is positioned base on the relationship between the stage and the audience.  Every building can be functioned as an individual building but also carries the characteristic of a stage and a outdoor auditorium. The whole design concept can be best described with the line “all the world’s a stage” and everyone is out there to see and to be seen.

The marine cultural centre is another symbolic building erupted on the site.  The 70m tall tower is the tallest building on site.  It is designed as an outlook over the Kaohsiung port.  The marine cultural centre is an integrated part of the architecture group and its form is also an architectural response to the concept of the magnet point.  Its sloping roof can be combined with the outdoor stage and become another outdoor performance centre on site.  Its form carries the metaphor of aiming high and reaching for the star, which demonstrates the core value of pop music culture.