Client:Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan R.O.C

Taiwan, a beautiful island, located in the east of Pacific Ocean, has high variety of nature geography feature. ALI Mountain and Sunmoon Lake are the most famous natural wonder of Taiwan. Kaohsiung as the first marine gate of Taiwan should carry the mission to promote Taiwan’s character, and use those landscape pictures as a name card to all the visitors.

“Mountain and Water” as an abstract art which originated from China about 1000 years ago, called “Shanshui”. The Artist of “Shanshui” is not tend to represent the real landscape of physical world, instead, It gives the expression of artist’s free mind. By this way of abstracting of nature, We use architectural language to create a new landscape of “Mountain and Water”. Mountain is not Mountain, Water is not Water, Mountain looks like Water, and Water looks like Mountain. Mountain melted with Water, Water contrast of Mountain. The void of space is the “Mountain and Water”, Higher and lower, crossing boundary with each other. Visitors can feel the order of nature while in a totally man-made environment.